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Newton College & Career Academy Career Instructional Coordinator Loineda Dean recently received a $929 Georgia Association of Educators (GAE) Best Practice Grant to improve note-taking skills for at-risk students.

“The objective of grant is to provide CTI students, who may be struggling with taking notes while listening to their instructor during lectures, with an opportunity to take better notes during class by using smart pens,” said Dean. “Note taking is a skill that is helpful for all of us.  We all rely on notes to help us remember daily activities and schedules. Notes can serve as an extension of our long-term memory.”

Dean said she will use the grant funds to purchase 6 smarts pens, notebooks, cases and refill smart pen cartridges.

“These smart pens are just another form of assistive technology students can use to access the curriculum better,” she said, adding that students will have the opportunity to borrow the pens during the school year and return them at the end of the year.  Dean will complete an assessment on those students before they start using the pens and then again at the end of school year to measure success. 

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