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For the second straight week, the Newton County School System has received a threat to student and employee safety. In each instance, it has been determined the threat was a hoax. The Newton County Sheriff’s Office and the Covington Police Department are investigating these threats and it is our school system’s goal to see that the perpetrator or perpetrators, when caught, are prosecuted to the fullest extent possible. Should any students be involved, they will most definitely be disciplined accordingly.

We encourage parents or students with any information concerning either today’s threat to Cousins  Middle School or last week’s threat to our system at large, to please contact the Newton County Sheriff’s Office at 678-625-5007 at once.

The Newton County School System has safety protocols and procedures in place and we routinely practice and prepare for emergency events. Per the safety guidelines you should have received on the first day of school, our main concern will always be to handle the emergency situation first. Our number one priority in any emergency situation is to make sure that our students and employees are safe from harm. As a result, we may have to evacuate a school or implement a lockdown. Students cannot and will not be released to parents or guardians during an evacuation or lockdown situation.

Once student and employee safety is ensured, we begin the parent notification process. It is extremely important that you keep your phone numbers and email addresses up-to-date so you do not miss any emergency notifications. Please understand, during an actual emergency situation, we cannot always give you complete, detailed information regarding the situation and all precautions taking place. That in and of itself could put students and staff at risk. If we release all of the details of our emergency response plans we run the risk of allowing critical information to reach individuals who may want to do harm. We also cannot release information that may jeopardize a law enforcement investigation and possibly the prosecution of those involved.

The Newton County School System will always make every effort to provide you with as much information as we possibly can. We encourage you to review the safety brochure you received at the beginning of the school year and also discuss not only school safety, but safety in general, with your children. Remind them to be vigilant and report any concerns they might have. We ask our employees to do the same. We must all work together to ensure that our students and employees are safe.

We thank you for your continued support of our school system. If more information becomes available regarding either last week’s or today’s threat, we will notify you.