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The Newton County Sheriff’s Office has informed Newton County School System (NCSS) Superintendent Samantha Fuhrey that charges have been filed in connection with two threatening messages posted on the school district’s Facebook page earlier this month. The messages were posted during the evening hours of August 5, 2015 and resulted in late night into early morning hour searches at each school in the system.  

“I want to assure every parent and guardian as well as every employee in our school system that we do not take threats lightly,” said Fuhrey. “The safety of the children and our employees is my number one concern. No learning can take place if our students and staff are worried about their safety. Threats like these will not be tolerated in our school system. They disrupt the school day and they frighten everyone—staff, students, and parents.”

Fuhrey added, “I want to thank Sheriff Ezell Brown and his staff for supporting us and taking these threats as seriously as we did. Deputies and investigators responded immediately the night we reported these threats and they have been actively investigating ever since. The Sheriff’s Office has kept us updated with their progress throughout the investigation and we are so thankful that they were able to quickly determine who posted the online threats.”

The juvenile charged with making the online threats has been identified as a Newton County School System student. In addition to criminal charges he is also facing disciplinary action. Because the child is a juvenile, the school system will not be releasing his name or school of attendance.

“The child has been removed from the school setting and we will closely monitor the progress of this case through the juvenile court system,” said Fuhrey.