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 Back Row: Left to Right, Felicia Harley, Janelle McClasky, Stephen Warren, Sandra Shepherd
Front Row: Left to Right, Amanda Grogan, Ashley McElheney, Lisa Mateen

Not Pictured: Tiffany Davis

Newton County School System (NCSS) salutes our school psychologists: Tiffany Davis, Amanda Grogan, Felicia Harley, Lisa Matteen, Janelle McClasky, Ashley McElhaney, Sandra Shepherd, and Stephen Warren! November 9-13, 2015 is National School Psychology Awareness Week, a time to recognize the important contribution of school psychologists in the education of children not only in our community but in school systems throughout the nation.

Newton County School System’s eight school psychologists provide a wide variety of services, including evaluating children and also assisting teachers and administrators by providing information about students’ intellectual, academic, social and emotional needs.  Additional services include counseling and crisis intervention. 

“School psychologists are some of the most highly trained employees in a school system,” said Alan Satterfield, NCSS Director of Special Education. “It requires approximately three years of intensive graduate work and field experience in addition to meeting all of the state certification requirements.”

Satterfield added that school psychologists perform other duties that serve school personnel and parents, as well as the students.  They are available for consultation or training and provide information about issues such as learning disabilities, behavior management, discipline, emotional problems, and test interpretation.

“Our school psychologists are integral to the work of increasing student achievement; they regularly collaborate with teachers and families in an effort to meet the needs of our students,” said NCSS Superintendent Samantha Fuhrey. “Our Newton County School System school pyschologists are exemplary, and we are fortunate to have them.”