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November 17, 2015

Click here for photo album of visit. 

Dozens of eager second graders were all ears when Congressman Hank Johnson stopped by South Salem Elementary on Nov. 13 to talk government, the importance of listening to teachers and the voting system. 

While the impressive young minds shared their views on government and presidential hopefuls including Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Ben Carson, Congressman Johnson went into depth on the three forms of government and the process of voting as only he could.

Congressman Johnson explained the three forms of government as a three-legged stool that could only stand up properly if all three legs of the stool are working together on one accord.

He went on to explain the importance of voting in a rather unique way as well. All children in attendance latched on quickly to his explanation of why we should all vote and support democracy. The Congressman compared voting on issues in the majority in Washington, D.C. to two simple things second graders and everyone alike enjoy on a daily basis, “Chicken or Fish?”

The children learned first-hand what the importance of a majority vote is when they mostly picked chicken as their favorite for lunch. As Congressman Johnson put it, imagine a world where all you could eat is fish every day at school?! Most kids laughed or said “ew” in disgust at the thought of that as their only choice for lunch. However the imaginary scenario definitely kept their attention.     

South Salem Elementary School assistant principal Clydia Newell and second-grade teachers at the school said Congressman Johnson’s visit was perfect timing considering their students spent the week prior to his visit learning about the three branches of government.

“We were so pleased that Congressman Johnson took the time to visit our young scholars to share about voting and democracy in a way that they could understand,” added South Salem Elementary principal Terran Newman. “Interacting with an actual elected official was a privilege and treat.”

“I was surprised to see the second graders giving great information back to Congressman Johnson, such as what the three branches were and what the judicial branch does for our country,” said Joshua Smith, Outreach Liaison for Congressman Johnson. “Those were some great minds in the building and the Congressman and I had a great time talking to who may be some of our future commissioners, congressmen or maybe even the future President of the United States.”

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