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April 9, 2016

Mansfield Elementary School students in the After School Academic Program (ASAP) planted cabbage, mustard greens, and broccoli in four raised beds last fall and after waiting patiently for their crops to grow, the boys and girls recently had the chance to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

After harvesting their fall/winter crops the students enjoyed fresh salads and broccoli. Chef Andrew Featherstone from Burge Plantation also paid a visit to the school and presented a food demonstration with the vegetables the students had harvested. He spoke to them about filling their bodies with natural sugars that come from fruits and vegetables and the importance of reading food labels and avoiding foods with words they can’t pronounce on the labels. Afterwards the students had the chance to enjoy fresh cabbage and apple slaw. They were even served edible cabbage bowls with beets and carrots cut to form a nest and a chick made out of squash.

Burge Plantation is a partner in education with Mansfield Elementary School and donor of the school’s Dolly Burge Garden.