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July 27, 2016

When Tamara Richardson from Action Ministries was planning to deliver non-perishable food boxes for distribution at the Newton County Sheriff's Office Back-to-School Supply Giveaway event at Newton High School, she knew she needed help. She had an entire truck full of food to unload and did not have the manpower to do it. She picked up the phone and just one call later, those boxes of food were soon being unloaded by members of the Alcovy High School football team.

"One of my core beliefs as it pertains to Alcovy Football is community service," said Alcovy Head Coach, Chris Edgar. "She reached out to me and I said we could help. We had 15 guys volunteer to go after workouts on Thursday. In upper 90's temperatures, they formed an 'assembly line' and unloaded 560 boxes of canned goods. They had a great attitude the whole time and honestly felt both accomplished at the sheer volume of boxes unloaded and humbled by knowing they helped community members in need."

"The members of the Alcovy Football team were a tremendous help to Action Ministries in offloading over 500 Feed the Hungry Food boxes last week,” said Richardson. “We emptied the truck in record time and all who came were so helpful and willing to pitch in. They helped facilitate getting food to many appreciative families.  I was very grateful for their manpower!"