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February 3, 2017

The Newton County School System will host the 2017 District Spelling Bee on Friday, February 10, 2017, at 10:30 a.m. at Newton High School. Each of the school system’s elementary and middle schools will send its spelling bee champion to participate in the county competition. Students in grades four through eight were eligible to participate in their school competitions. In addition to the champion, each school will send its runner up in the school spelling bee as an alternate in the event the school champion is unable to participate. 

“Even in the technology rich world that we live in today, spelling continues to be an important tool because the written word is so powerful,” said Benjamin B. Roundtree, Director of Elementary Schools. “Among other things, the spelling bee supports our students’ learning by enhancing their understanding of vocabulary relative to spelling and by promoting correct word usage. Indeed, spelling bee competitions in our schools continue to be highly anticipated events, and we are happy to continue this venerable tradition.” 

During the competition, contestants must spell the word they are given correctly. After having started to spell a word, the contestant will not be given any opportunity to change the letters, once pronounced. If a speller fails to spell the word correctly, he must step out of the competition. 

Once the competition is down to just two remaining contestants, the elimination procedure will change. When one finalist misses a word, the other finalist will spell the next word on the caller’s list. If the contestant spells that word and the next word on the list correctly, he or she will be declared the winner. If he or she misspells either of those two words, the other finalist will be given the next word on the caller’s list to spell. If that finalist spells the next word and the next correctly, he or she will be declared the winner. If both finalists misspell their word, both shall continue in the Bee and the one who first misspelled his or her word shall be given the next word on the caller’s list to spell. 

The judges and the Newton County Spelling Bee Committee are in complete control of the Bee at all times and the judges’ decision shall be final on all matters. Parents and family members are invited to attend the NCSS Spelling Bee; however, we ask that parents refrain from bringing infants and small children to the competition as they may distract the contestants. We also ask that flash photography only be used after the competition is completed. 

Newton County School System’s 2017 school-level spelling bee champions are as follows:  




East Newton Elementary

Riley Rawls

Emma Oftedal

Fairview Elementary

Ashiah Giles

Caleb Williams

Flint Hill Elementary

Jamari McGee

Bobby Stephens III

Heard-Mixon Elementary

Marsaan Clayton

Caitlyn Snead

Live Oak Elementary

Angel Burdette

Cedric Frazier

Livingston Elementary

Tania Menchaca

Camdyn Hicks

Mansfield Elementary

Morgan Jeffries

James Cooper II

Middle Ridge Elementary

Joseph Woodruff

Skyler Williams

Newton County Theme School  at Ficquett

Caleb Ekanem

Jaimoni Parker

Oak Hill Elementary

Shaniya DeSears

Aiden Ruffin

Porterdale Elementary

Sy`Niah Benton-Stokes

Cortez Fleming

Rocky Plains Elementary

Justin Conwell

Nathaniel Stafford

South Salem Elementary

Ravin Belcher

Nataleigh Brown

West Newton Elementary

Adreal Burtts     

Kendall Banks

Clements Middle

Oemerhomu Erakptobor

Dakayla Fulton-Johnson

Cousins Middle

Ray Holt

Claude Lemond, Jr.

Indian Creek Middle

Jet Rawls

Jayden Simmons

Liberty Middle

Jeffery Lowe     

Qayyum Rahim

Veterans Memorial Middle

Emerson Greenidge

Gracie Gomes


The winner of the Newton County School System Spelling Bee will represent the school district at the District 5 Regional Spelling Bee on Saturday, February 25, 2017, at Edwards Middle School in Conyers, Georgia.