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StudyBlue has selected Erik Love of Indian Creek Middle School as an official StudyBlue Ambassador in recognition of his dedication to integrating technology in the classroom.

Each semester, StudyBlue Ambassadors are carefully chosen through an application process that includes dozens of highly qualified educators. StudyBlue looks for innovative teachers who integrate technology into their classrooms and collaborate with other teachers. They are facilitators by giving students tools to help them learn on their own. And all of them are passionate educators who are dedicated to improving education.

“I want my students to be as comfortable and proficient with the technology as possible, so I use the technology that is readily available to my students,” said Love. “Sometimes this is a desktop P.C., of which I have 6 in my room, but most often it's the student's own device and could be nearly anything with web connectivity: tablet, IPOD, smartphone, laptop, e-reader, or whatever comes out next.”

He added, “Since the first thing many students do when they leave the school building is interact with their personal devices, they embrace the opportunity to use them in the classroom. In many respects, students expect to use technology and would actively question why a teacher doesn't utilize technological aids. I give them the option to learn in a way that they identify as more efficient and effective. In my classroom, technology is about choice. If something doesn't help a student learn, I don't demand it. If they prefer to read a textbook and do old-fashioned, pencil to paper work, I'm all for that, too.”

The StudyBlue Ambassadors program was developed to help teachers connect with one another to share all the great ways that StudyBlue can help students master content. They provide support to one another and develop professional learning opportunities for teachers across the world. Previous Ambassadors have hosted in-service workshops, written blogs, and presented at local and national conferences.

“StudyBlue’s mission is to give students the best tools to master their material. We recognize that the process starts with those who teach it,” said StudyBlue CEO Becky Splitt. “We are thrilled with this Fall’s host of Teacher Ambassadors. They hail from around the world and each has demonstrated a commitment to embracing technology that engages their students and improves outcomes.”

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