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We want to introduce you to Jonah Barnett. Jonah is not your typical 11-year-old. When he was 13 months old, Jonah was diagnosed with a brain tumor and was only given four weeks to live. However, Jonah is blessed to still be with us almost ten years later. He can hear and understand, but because of the brain tumor he cannot speak and uses sign language to communicate with friends and family. This past October, Jonah’s family received a very discouraging report at it relates to his condition.  Jonah has been a student at Ficquett and at Flint Hill and has many people that love and care for him.  One thing that Jonah has always wanted is to graduate from 5th grade and go to Middle School.  He wants to have a locker at Cousins!  He has worked very hard this year homeschooling and attending some classes at Flint Hill so that he can graduate early and go to middle school.

Recently Flint Hill held a special graduation ceremony just for Jonah…complete with cap and gown! And the following week, he officially became a Cousins Middle School Cardinal. Jonah attended the middle school’s special pep rally and became an instant celebrity! He was featured in the Newton Citizen and The Covington News and even on Fox 5!

When he first arrived, the middle school administrators decked him head to toe in Cousins attire and then led him down to the school gymnasium, which was packed with his new fellow Cardinals! The crowd roared when his name was announced. Later the Cousins basketball team and cheerleaders all ran over to meet Jonah and shake his hand and pose for pictures. And his day still wasn't complete! As the newest member of the Cardinal team, Jonah served as special manager at the boys’ basketball game that afternoon.

"Cousins Middle School was completely ecstatic to welcome Jonah Barnett as the newest member of the Cardinal family," said Scott Sauls, principal of Cousins Middle School. "His courage and character are very much acknowledged and admired and truly serve as a shining example for our student body to follow. What people saw today in Jonah Barnett and the students and staff of Cousins Middle School represents all that is right and good in our community and in our school system. We applaud Mr. and Mrs. Barnett and Jonah's siblings as well as the faculty and staff of Flint Hill Elementary School for preparing him for this step and we can only hope and pray that our efforts here will enhance his experience in the middle school. He indeed is a special young man and brought a lot of pride and happiness to our school today. We are blessed!"

For those of you who wish to support Jonah...he absolutely LOVES postcards. If you would like to send him a post card congratulating him on his recent graduation or becoming a Cousins Cardinal, feel free to send them to the NCSS PR Department at 2109 Newton Drive NE, Covington, GA 30014. We will make sure they get to Jonah.

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