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New, helpful information about the School Nutrition Program (SNP) and a collection of educational materials and resources about nutrition and physical activity have been added to the Newton County School System (NCSS) website. Visitors can locate the information by clicking on “School Food Services” under the “Departments” heading on the NCSS Homepage.

In recent years, schools and school districts have been encouraged to promote healthy eating and physical activity in order to improve the health and wellness of their students. The new information, which includes educational materials and resources for teachers to use in their classroom, parents to use at home, and students to engage in online, will be one way for NCSS to reach students and parents and encourage the development of healthy habits.

Under the “Nutrition Education” tab, students, parents, and teachers can find information tailored specifically to each audience group.  Students can play interactive, online nutrition games that will get them excited about healthy eating.  Parents can locate articles about child nutrition and physical fitness, recipe suggestions, and ideas for healthy snacks to make at home. Teachers can access nutrition education resources, activity sheets, and lessons plans to use when teaching nutrition education in the classroom. Topics for lessons include the food groups according to MyPlate, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, calcium, bone health, and reading nutrition labels. Student athletes can also locate information specifically for them regarding healthy eating, smart snacking, and hydration under the “Nutrition and Fitness” section.

In addition to these resources, parents/guardians can find general information about the School Nutrition Program such as the district meal charge policy; how to prepay for meals online; how to locate a free and reduced meal application; current meal prices; and monthly School Breakfast, Lunch, and After School Snack Program menus. Parents can also utilize the “Going Green Menu” function to have the menus for their child’s school level sent directly to them via email on the first day of each month.

If you have questions about the information or resources, please contact Brittany Bingeman, SNP Wellness Coordinator, Newton County School System at: or 770-784-4966.