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Newton County Schools is in the process of updating its five-year strategic plan and this time around the district would like to include a vision statement. The district currently has a mission statement: providing educational excellence for all students.

“We want a vision statement in addition to our mission statement,” explained NCSS Deputy Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction. “Our mission statement describes what we are doing and our vision statement describes how we see ourselves in the future. It’s our goal. Our leadership staff has been working on this for some time now and we would like the community to provide input as well. The school system belongs to the community so we definitely don’t want to leave our residents out of this very important decision. We want the community to weigh in on how they envision our school system.”

The draft vision statement is below:

The Newton County School System envisions students, who through a rigorous and relevant education, will be able to think critically in order to produce, perform, create, and communicate their knowledge competitively to a hyper-connected, global audience.

Stakeholders can weigh in and make suggestions by emailing no later than Friday, May 31.

“This really is an important step for us and we do hope parents, employees, businesses, and community residents will take this opportunity to provide feedback,” said Fuhrey.