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Newton County Schools would like to thank Georgia Primary & Urgent Care, an affiliate of Rockdale Medical Center, for donating 20 sharps containers to nurses at Newton County Schools. According to Cheryl Raper, Practice Manager, the containers are used to dispose of needles and other biohazard materials. The company also recently donated first aid and medical supplies to one of our schools. "We know that schools have limited funds," said Raper. "This is our way of helping to build community relationships and support the students and the schools in Newton County."

"We truly appreciate this donation of sharps containers for our school clinics," said RaNae Fendley, NCSS Director of Student Services. "This was very generous of Georgia Primary and Urgent Care. They are definitely a great supporter of our schools."

Pictured are (L-R):  Saundra Malone at Cousins Middle School nurse; Roxie Nunley, Fairview Elementary School nurse; Shelley Thompson, NCSS Student Services Department; Cheryl Raper, Georgia Primary & Urgent Care; BJ Luna Newton County Theme School at Ficquett nurse; and Debra Ray, Eastside High School nurse.