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Newton High School principal Eclan David has resigned effective immediately. In a letter to Newton County School Superintendent Samantha Fuhrey, David said his resignation was due to “personal reasons.”

Fuhrey met with faculty and staff at Newton High School on Tuesday and promised her full attention would be focused on the welfare and forward progress of Newton High School.

She also announced that Mr. John Ellenberg, an assistant principal at Newton High School, would serve as interim principal of Newton High for the remainder of the school year. Newton High School English teacher, Dr. Ryan Norman, has been selected to replace Ellenberg as interim assistant principal. Fuhrey added that the principal position would be advertised at a future date.

“I want to assure the Newton High School community that it is my goal to appoint the very best leader for Newton High School,” said Fuhrey. “It is important to the students, to their parents, to the staff, and to the school and school system’s ultimate success.”