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The STEM Institute at the Newton College and Career Academy is now accepting applications for the 2014-2015 school year. Current Newton County School System (NCSS) eighth-grade students whose parents or guardians are residents of Newton County may apply. An application packet is posted on the NCSS website, and the Newton College and Career Academy website at the link below:

The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Institute at Newton College and Career Academy recruits rising freshmen with a strong desire to reach their highest potential through development of their intellectual ability and commitment to scholarship. The program was initiated in August 2013 and will add one grade level each year henceforward. The STEM Institute is designed to serve high school students from diverse backgrounds by providing support for them to become college and career ready. Classes are taught by highly qualified instructors who receive extensive training and ongoing support in their content area. While the subject matter is rigorous, the approach is never rigid. Parents and students interested in learning more about the STEM Institute are invited to attend an Open House at the Newton College and Career Academy on February 11 at 6:00 PM.

Those interested in applying should submit a completed application packet no later than the end of the school day on February 28, 2014. Applications may be completed electronically and submitted, via email, to Lynn House @ or delivered to the respective middle school counselor. 

Included in the packet, students must also request the completion of four completed evaluation forms, one from each of the following: counselor, eighth-grade STEM field elective teacher (Computers, Technology, or ELA at Newton County Theme School at Ficquett), eighth-grade mathematics teacher, and eighth-grade science teacher. The students must also supply one letter of recommendation from someone who knows the applicant (not a relative) outside of the academic arena who can provide information about the applicant’s maturity, qualifications, character, dependability, and work ethic.  Recommendations may be submitted under separate cover to allow for confidentiality and openness of response and commentary. First semester transcripts should also be provided and may be obtained from the student’s school counselor. 

Students will be identified as possible candidates based on multiple criteria including: the effective completion of the application (including essay), longitudinal data exemplifying strength/interest in STEM fields, teacher recommendations, and STEM Team Interview (following initial application review) feedback. Final selections, including wait-list, notifications will be mailed to parents and/or guardians by the end of April.

Parents wishing to obtain additional information on the STEM Institute should contact Ms. Grenetta Turner at or Ms. Lynn House at

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