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Our Mission

Mission Statement

"The mission of the Newton County School System is to provide educational excellence for all students."

Belief Statements

Educational Excellence is the primary goal of the Newton County Schools so that graduates can think critically, solve problems, make good decisions and succeed in the workplace;
Schools should provide a leadership role in the development of a balanced educational experience, socialization, opportunity for personal, physical and mental fitness, and basic living skills;

The curriculum should provide students with knowledge, skills and attitudes for contributing to the betterment of society;

Quality faculties and staffs who model the attitudes and desire to learn are vital to successful schools. Recruiting and retaining a quality staff is a high priority in a quality school system.

Educators should be pro-active regarding change;

A positive school climate providing self-enhancing experiences for students and staff is vital for achievement;

School personnel should have input in decision-making, especially when decisions affect them;

Parents have an obligation to nurture their child's educational development; schools have an obligation to involve parents in the education of their children;

The education of our youth is the responsibility of the entire community; open communication and involvement are critical elements. Input from the community is welcome and desired by the board of education and administration.

Schools are affected by the values of the community and should seek to influence values in a "positive" way;

The opportunity for an education is a fundamental right;

Every student needs to feel they are cared about, have value and are capable of learning;

Education is a life-long process.