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Substitute Teaching

Newton County Schools will be accepting Substitute Teachers for the 2016/2017 School Year in August 2016.  Please continue to check the website for the dates and times of the intake. In order to be added to the substitute roster, you MUST have a certificate of completion from the Griffin RESA Substitute Training Workshop or a teaching certificate issued by the GA Professional Standards Commission!

Other candidates interested in substitute teaching in Newton County will need to attend one of the half-day Substitute Teacher Training Workshop sessions held at Griffin RESA. Upon completion of the workshop, each candidate will receive a certificate of completion.  This certificate is required in order for a candidate to be eligible for the substitute teacher roster.  In addition to completing the training workshop, an electronic application must be submitted online by visiting the NCSS Job Center.  Once the application is complete, the candidate should contact the NCSS HR Department about availability. All interested candidates are required to be fingerprinted at no cost to the candidate; but a clear background check is necessary in order to be eligible for appointment as a substitute teacher. You can click on the attachments below for a list of supporting documents required for substitutes.  For more information contact the NCSS Human Resources Department at 770-787-1330 or via email at

Helpful Information

Required Documents for Certified Substitute Teachers

Required Documents for Classified Substitute Teachers

Substitute Payrates