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Student Teaching / Practicum / Field Observation in NCSS

Newton County School System (NCSS) welcomes the opportunity to have student teachers in our schools. Eligible individuals wishing to complete their student teaching, practicum or field observation in a Newton County school should follow the guidelines defined below.

• Field Observations: 10 – 40 hours / 1 – 7 week period (within one semester)
• Practicum: 60 hours / up to 10 week period (within one semester)
• Student Teaching: entire school day / 12 – 16 week period (within one semester)

Helpful Documents

NCSS Student Teaching Leave Request Form (for NCSS Classified Employees Only)

NCSS Student Teaching Request for Field Observation Placement

NCSS Student Teaching Request for Practicum/Student Teaching Placement

NCSS Student Teaching Practicum Guidelines

NCSS Student Teacher Field Observation Guidelines