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NCSS has chosen SubFinder to manage the assignments for our substitute teachers. This is an automated system that is simple to operate and can be accessed by telephone or via the internet. Using a touch-tone telephone keypad you can call in to hear assignments or log on to the SubFinder website to see what is available. Either system will allow you to review and select available jobs. Subfinder will also automatically call you to offer job assignments that fit your preferences.

Helpful Links:

To access SubFinder Click here-- SubFinder Online

For Substitutes

SubFinder Substitute Teacher Registration
Substitute FAQ
Substitute SubFinder Guide 

For Employees:
SubFinder Employee Registration 
SubFinder Employee Training Guide
Employee SubFinder FAQ
Employee SubFinder Guide


As a requirement of the new health insurance law, this will serve as your notification of the option to purchase health insurance from the new Federal Health Insurance Marketplace.  Please go the Marketplace website at or call the Healthcare Exchange at 1-800-318-2596 to find out if you qualify for a tax credit to lower your monthly premiums.

Health Insurance Notification Form