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If you are enrolling a new student in Newton County Schools, please click here for information about registration.Click on a link below to download a Student Registration Packet:

To register a child for the Newton County schools, parents should bring a certified birth certificate and two proofs of residence/address—one from each of the two categories below: 

  • Category 1: Utility bill such—electric, gas, garbage, or water bill in the name of the person enrolling the child.


  • Category 2: Current lease, rental agreement, or mortgage statement from the purchase of a home.
Telephone bills, post office addresses, car licenses, credit cards, and Medicaid cards will not be accepted as proof of residence. If the child does not live with one or both parents, guardianship or custody documents must be presented. Should the child and parent/guardians live with someone else and not have a proof of address in his/her name, a Statement of Legal Residence/Affidavit of Parent/Guardian is needed.  Bring the affidavit completed, signed and notarized, along with the two proofs of residence in the name of the person who owns the property.  An affidavit can be obtained from any elementary school and the Newton County Board Office.    A notary will be available at registration.  If you choose to have your paperwork notarized using the free notary at registration, the person who owns the property must be present with the two proofs of residence outlined above.

In addition to the birth certificate and proofs of residence, parents must also bring the child’s social security card; the Eye, Ear, Dental (EED) and Nutrition Screening Form #3300 (if the child has reached age 4); and Immunization Record Form #3231. Both forms may be obtained from a doctor or the Newton County Health Department. If there is no social security card, a waiver may be signed at the time of registration. Please check with your doctor or the local health department for new immunization requirements. 

Applications and other required documents may be downloaded from the Newton County School System website.  For more information on the Newton County School System Pre-K program, call Ms. Velinsie Burden at 770-787-1330, ext. 1268. 

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The Newton County School System is pleased to offer several publications for parents, students, employees, and members of the community. These include student handbooks and agendas, "Parents Make a Difference", "Nutrition Nuggets", and "Elementary Parent Child Activity Calendar". These resources as well as several others can be found on the Newton County Schools web site. You can get there by clicking this link:

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