IXL must be opened in Google Chrome.


Canvas is the Newton County School System's new Learning Management System. Students will begin using it either this year or the beginning of next year. To log in to Canvas, students will use their school computer name and password.

Click here to access Canvas.

Digital Passport


Third, Fourth and Fifth grade students will be using the Digital Passport program to learn more about Internet Safety. This program comes to us via Common Sense Media which is a great site for schools and parents.  All students will be given opportunities to work on this in the computer lab, but they can also use it at home.

To login they will use their regular computer user name and their computer password without the first 0. 

Click here to access the Digital Passport login page.

5th Grade Email

5th Grade students have the privilege of having a student email account.
  • No emails can be sent outside the Newton County School System network.
  • No emails can be received from outside the Newton County School System network.
You may access your email at home using When you log in at home you must use your entire email address which is your computer user ID For example: Your password will be the same as your computer password.