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Principal: Dr. LaMoyne A. Brunson, III              Assistant Principal: Dr. Yoli D. Curry

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We are considering materials for Science textbook adoption.  Please use the link for more information on how to access the material and for the survey link.

Science Textbook Adoption

2017 - 2018 Approved Calendar

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*Updated May 2nd, 2017*

Fairview's Mission

To provide educational excellence for all students.

 Fairview's Vision

The staff and stakeholders of Fairview Elementary School envision students, who through a rigorous and relevant education, will be able to think critically in order to produce, perform, create, and communicate their knowledge competitively to a hyper-connected, global audience.

Fairview's Beliefs

    1.      All children are capable and can learn, just in different ways and at different rates.

    2.     Children learn best in a safe, nurturing environment which  promotes positive self-esteem and higher motivation.

    3.     Children have an innate desire to learn, explore, and grow.

    4.     Education is a shared responsibility between the home and school.

    5.     Children learn best when learning experiences are meaningful to the learner and when they have ownership in their learning.

    6.     High expectations produce higher results.         


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