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Faculty and Staff

All faculty and staff emails are If a teacher has an exception, their "email name" is listed beside their name.

Sixth Grade

Cheryl Rankins

Dakota White

Nate Stephens

Cindy Wallace

Rob Gourlay

Elizabeth Gardner

Cheryl Lawson

Teresa Raines    

 Wendy Brooks (brooks.wendym)

Audria Bunting

Jennifer Brown

Seventh Grade

Kathie Pierce

Chuck Okafor

Gary Brown

Hope George

Terry Hawkins

Ruth Davis

Shawta Earwood

Mandy Angulo (angulo.amanda)

Stephanie Key

Veronica Houssel

Linda Allemani

Eighth Grade

Larry Ivie

Caitlyn Nix

Janissha Williams

William Choi

Deborah Peterson

Wendell Johnson

Meaza Fluellen

Antonio Daniels

Kylee Rutherford

Bobby Sims

Ashley Smith

Connections and PE

Antonie Swain (Chorus)

Camilla Keever (Band)

Samantha Shwartz (Art)

Shani Smith (Business/Computer Science)

Michael Davis (French)

Charnese Phillips (Family and Consumer Science)

Sierra Adams (Technology) 

Jacqueline Cervantes (Agriculture)

Sharonda Tarplin (Instructional Coach, Math)

Clare Schmitt ( Instructional Coach; Title I Coordinator)


Raven Keith (PE)

Julia Sheets** (PE)

Adrian Stone (PE)

Worrell Clahar

Quest and Exceptional Education


Ron Miller

Vicki Meeler

Marjorie Atkinson

Kimberley Braswell

Stephanie Dorminey

Exceptional Education

Heather Stamm

Connie Carrell

Erin Choi

Melissa Roberson

Lisa Simmons

Tunicker Jones

Julie Reynolds

Leigh Vrable

Aiysha Copeland

Deborah Johnson

Russell Parker

Gary Thompson

Support Faculty & Staff


Constance Rogers

Megan Anderson

Media and Technology

 Lori McGovern (Media Specialist)

 Jennifer Towns (Media Assistant)

 Lakeshia Heard (School Technology Assistant)    

Front Office

Tara Menninger

Kea Willmoth

Shaunique Jones

Stephanie Schlueter

Lee Autry (autry.andrew)


CJ Maughon (Manager)

Ann McGinnis

Cathy Nolan

Charlotte Reid

Rosa Carr

Samantha Stephens

Sandra Watkins

Sheila Bolden

Teresa Miller

Kim Collier


Jamie Smith

Stephanie Stonek

Patty Webster

Katrice Elder

Tomasina Hall

Joylene Crowther


Tracy Overby**

Ann Spearman

Chris Holder

Boris Svirida

Denise Allmon

Rachel Glover

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