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Mission Statement
The mission of the Newton County School System is to provide educational excellence for all students.

Vision Statement
The Newton County School System envisions students, who through a rigorous and relevant education, will be able to think critically in order to produce, perform, create, and communicate their knowledge competitively to a hyper-connected, global audience.

Belief Statements
~Students are capable of reaching their full potential in an emotionally and physically safe environment which includes high expectations with consistent behavior management.

~All students can learn when given appropriate opportunities.

~Instruction must be differentiated to address students' varying needs.

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Picture of the Week!

Meet our new Partners in Education, the Pilot Club!  They brought the teachers homemade ice cream on our early release day! 

Thank you Pilot Club!!!

From The Principal

Dear Families,

Welcome to the Livingston Elementary Family!!!

Livingston opened its doors in 1884, establishing a tradition of excellence for which it is still known 130 years later.  As a former history teacher, I am thrilled to be the principal of a school with such a rich heritage.  My vision for our school is to stay true to the mission of fostering a community of students, families, and teachers focused on learning.

I invite parents and friends to unite with us in our effort to achieve academic excellence.

Come to school ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work.  Educating our youth is an active process requiring the commitment of all.  As you visit Livingston, you will discover students actively involved in the learning process.  You will see community members volunteering their time and talents in support of academic success for our children.  You will observe a staff that is professional and dedicated to teaching young people to the highest levels of achievement.  You will witness a school dedicated to its motto, a Family Friendly School.

As much as we appreciate active involvement in the school program, the most important request we can make is that you get involved in your child's learning.  Set aside time each evening to talk with your children about the days events, go over homework, and read aloud with and to them every day.  Join us in our efforts for students to be present, on time, ready to learn each day.  Please acquaint yourself with the school procedures as presented in the student handbook and in communication sent home by your child's teachers.  Most importantly, ask questions and make suggestions.  Your partnership is essential to the success of our school. our students and your child.  In fact, Livingston would not have the success currently enjoyed if it were not for the hard work and dedication of everyone.

It is my honor and privilege to work with you.  Together, our investment of time with our children will pay great dividends.  I look forward to meeting each of you and officially greeting you as a vital member of the Livingston family.


Shari Thomas, Principal

Upcoming Events

Labor Day Holiday--No School
September 1, 2014
Title 1 orientation
September 18, 2014 6:30PM
Fall Break
October 20, 2014

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