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The mission of Mansfield Elementary School is
to provide educational excellence for all students

Mansfield Elementary Has A New Principal!  Help us in congratulating

 Mr. Chris Haymore as our new Principal!

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2016-2017 School Calendar

2016-2017 (NEW)

2016-2017 (Spanish)

2016-2017 Summer Registration is July 22-28, 2016

Student Registration Packet (English)

Student Registration Packet (Spanish)


Kindergarten Supply List

2 (3 pack) Elmer’s purple glue sticks

2 plastic folders (Mead Five Star, two pockets, 3 prongs)

3 spirals bound notebook, 180 pages

3 packs 24 crayons (Crayola)

1 box yellow #2 pencils

1 bottle hand sanitizer

2 boxes tissues

1 box baby wipes

1 package pink pearl erasers

1 gallon sized Ziploc bags

  First Grade Supply List

Book Bag – no rolling bags, please

3 bound composition books (NOT spiral)

1 small pencil box

1 pair of Fiskar scissors

1 box of #2 pencils

6 glue sticks

2 boxes of crayons, 16 count or larger (no sharpeners)

2 RED plastic 3-pronged folder (no pockets needed)

4 pocket folders – any color (no prongs needed)

2 boxes of tissue

1 container of baby wipes

1 bottle of hand sanitizer


4 wide rule sewn composition notebooks (not spiral)

2 plastic pocket folders with prongs

1 pack wide rule notebook paper

Pencils (no decorative with plastic coating)

16 count Crayons

4-6 Elmers Glue sticks

Cap erasers or large pink erasers

Pencils pouch

Ear buds

2 boxes of tissue

1 Scissors blunt point

Boys: quart or gallon size zip top bags

Supply List- Third Grade

1 pack of 16 count crayons

2 packs of wide-ruled notebook paper

Three-ring binder - 1” only

1 package of notebook dividers

2 packs pencils (basic yellow)

1 pocket folder

1 sewn, marble-covered composition notebook (wide ruled)

2 boxes of tissue

1 pair of blunt scissors

2 pack of cap erasers

3 glue sticks

1 small school box

5 spiral notebooks (1 subject – wide ruled)

1 pack of index cards – 3x5 white/ruled

4th Grade Supply List

5 spiral notebooks of 70 pages of more

24 yellow number two pencils (no mechanical pencils)

2 folder without prongs

pencil pouch (no pencil boxes)

3 packs loose-leaf notebook paper

2 small bottles of hand sanitizer

24 glue sticks

crayons - 16 or 24 count

3 boxes of tissue

Book bag

1 box gallon sized ziplock bags

1 box quart sized ziplock bags

2 highlighters

4 dry erase markers

Baby wipes
      5th Grade Supply List

3--packs of wide-ruled notebook paper

8--70 count, spiral notebooks

5--plastic, pocket folders with prongs



12 glue sticks



colored pencils

pencil pouch (NO PENCIL BOXES)

pack of dry erase markers

hand sanitizer


ear bud headset

3 boxes of tissues

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