Any student should be checked out through the office before 1:30pm

     All transportation changes should be written in the student agenda or

faxed to the school no later then 1:00pm.

 Mansfield fax number: 770-784-2995




                                              From The Desk of Dr Lori Thomas  



                                   Congratulations Mansfield Teachers for an

                                  amaZING job!

Mansfield Elem has been recognized by the

              State of Ga. as a Rewards Title One School 


                    Mansfield Quarterly Report


The Newton County School System envisions students, who through a rigorous and relevant education, will be able to think critically in order to produce, perform, create, and communicate their knowledge competitively to a hyper-connected, global audience.


NCSS Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide educational excellence for all students!  Our non-negotiable goals are increased student achievement and more effective teaching.

Mansfield Elementary School Purpose Statement

                        Our vision is to build a community of lifelong learners that become

                    responsible individuals, independent thinkers and productive citizens.



                                                         School Wellness Plan:  Nutrition Tips