Mansfield Elementary Purpose Statement

                 Our vision is to build a community of lifelong learners that become

                responsible individuals, independent thinkers and productive citizens.


                              NCSS Mission Statement

                   Our mission is to provide educational excellence for all students!

         Our non-negotiable goals are increased students achievement and more

                    effective teaching.

NCSS Strategic  Plan

School Improvement  Plan 2013-2014

Mansfield Quarterly Report


 Mansfield is challenging our students to "ACT UP".

The challenge:  students look up a definition for the word of the week! All words are related to the ACT/SAT prep test.

Here is a list for each week in  March and April :

Orator             4/14

Surreptitious  4/21

Adulation        4/28

Ephemeral      5/5

Fortuitous       5/12

Querulous       5/19








From the Principal

From the Principal

Dear Parents, 

 The purpose of Mansfield Elementary School is to build a community of lifelong learners that become responsible individuals, independent thinkers, and productive citizens. Now that the snow days are gone (we hope), we are working diligently to meet the instructional needs of our students as we continue to prepare them for meeting and exceeding their grade level standards.Our school calendar has been packed with exciting activities both during and after school.  Fourth and fifth grade students had the opportunity to compete in the system-sponsored Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl where MES placed 2nd! After a full day of learning important music skills, the Honor Chorus students gave a wonderful performance for parents and family members at Newton High School.  We also held our annual Arbor Day program where we honored the members of the Mansfield Tree Board and their dedication to helping Mansfield continue to be recognized as a Tree City. Representatives from our partners in education, Burge Plantation came over and taught a lesson on plants to 1st and 2nd grade classes and helped plant our spring garden. Fifth grade students participated in the Writing Test, and we also held Pre- K registration.  Our school-wide Curriculum Fair was held on March 11 where samples of the rigorous work our students have completed were on display.PTO sponsored a Bingo Night in February and many families enjoyed pizza and won great prizes.  Also sponsored by the PTO was our spring Book Fair which was attended by a great number of our families.  Parent conferences ended the busy month of February! Thanks to all of the parents that attended conferences.Relay for Life has been busy sponsoring a Winter Pajama Day and a staff luncheon. We are currently sponsoring a Coin Challenge in order to help finish the fight against cancer.Please check our monthly calendar for events that have been planned at MES.  The Leadership Team at Mansfield made the decision to hold our Annual Awards Day on May 23.  We have an exciting plan in place for the last 3 days of school, so make sure your children are here!

Our goal has always been to strive daily to ensure the safety and education of all of our children. Please help us meet this goal when you are visiting our building. Always sign in and out in the office, wear your visitor badge so that it is easily visible to staff members, and be prepared to show ID if you come to visit or checkout a student. We will continue to hold regular safety drills with our staff and students. Please feel free to stop by the office or call me if you have any questions or concerns. While we know some of these measures are not always convenient, the safety of our students is our first priority.As parents/guardians, you are an essential part of your child’s success. It takes the community, parents, educators, and students working together to build a productive future for our children.

Thank you for everything you do to help ensure the success of our students.

Thank you for your continuing support this year

Dr. Lynne DiNardo

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 Lunchroom jeopardy is still going everyday during the lunch hours for 1st grade through 5th grade! Come eat lunch with your child and see if you can guess the correct answer.


Wireless Wednesdays: Every Wednesday your child is allowed to bring their own hand held device from home.This is well supervised and the children are engaged in school related activities.


Tech Cafe' is a huge hit for the 4th and 5th graders. The students meet in the mornings and are able to use some of the newest technology at Mansfield with the instruction of a teacher.