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 EOC Georgia Milestones - Monday - American Literature - Quiet in the hallways - NO Electronic Devices - Good Luck and Happy Testing!!!!


Pictures of the Week


Left to right-
Jennifer Johnson- AHS
Riley Farley Taylor-EHS
Alexis Lewis-AHS
Bill Loeble- Chamber Board Chair
Ralph Staffins- Chamber President
Alecea Housworth-AHS
Danielle Garvin-AHs

Donte Smith- McAllister-AHS


Pictured from the left to right -

Christopher White-EHS/NCCA

Crystal Sermon- NHS

Hannah Scott- NHS
Ms. Andrea Lane- Piedmont Newton Volunteer Services
Adam Fallah- NHS
Ansley Booth- EHS
Baylee Gunnells- AHS/NCCA

Professional Skill for the week:  "What your mom said is true: Don’t burn your bridges!"

"to burn your bridges"

to do or say something (usually bad) that would make it impossible to ever return to that situation or circumstance

Whatever you do, don’t burn your bridges.

This saying is has never been more fitting than in today’s highly connected business world.  Likely military in origin, the phrase probably is based on the strategy that once a bridge was burned, there was no way to turn back from a chosen path. In the marketplace, it’s basically the same principal.

Picture this: You’re at work and your boss makes a remark that sends your blood pressure sky high. Without thinking, you immediately go on the defensive either verbally or with an email, and you outline exactly what’s on your mind. Have you found yourself reacting like this?

Unexpected situations such as a career transition can tempt you to tell people how you felt about working for your previous employer or boss.  One business manager found out how a previous employee felt through Facebook. 

Synonyms: foolhardy, hasty, heedless, hotheaded, ill-considered, impetuous, rash, reckless, shortsighted, thoughtless

 From the Principal/CEO:

Creating the Pipeline of our Next Generation Workforce

With the full support of the Newton County Board of Education, the Newton County Chamber of Commerce, and our community and business leaders, the Newton College and Career Academy (NCCA) was created to enhance academic achievement and provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in postsecondary education and the workforce. Our goal is to provide students in Newton County high schools with requisite skills and knowledge to exceed the majority of U.S. Department of Education performance indicators; to increase the number of students in Newton County high schools receiving post-secondary credits through local post-secondary partners; and to help students become workplace ready in order to be gainfully employed or to continue their education and training in a variety of post-secondary options.

Students at NCCA will have the chance to connect more directly with their career paths and earn industry credentials in addition to their high school diploma, increasing the chance for our students to be gainfully employed in a very competitive work environment. Programs at NCCA focus in areas that are high skill, high wage, and high demand occupations.

Chad W. Walker

CEO/ Principal

Contact Me

Upcoming Events

EOC - Economics
April 29, 2016 10:00AM
EOC - American Literature
May 2, 2016 10:00AM
EOC - American Literature
May 4, 2016 10:00AM
EOC - Algebra 1
May 9, 2016 10:00AM
EOC - US History
May 10, 2016 10:00AM



Jeremey Comas won 1st place in Culinary Arts!!

Ryan Hickerson won 1st place in Woodworking!!

NCCA CTI won a Good Rating plaque for Outstanding School Project!!!

DECA: Congratulations to the following associates who placed at Region:

Principles of Marketing
Kayla Abilhomme  - 3rd Place
Sports and Entertainment
Matthew Carroll  - 1st Place
Business Service Marketing
Jesse Eldell - 2nd Place  
Restaurant and Food Service Management
Jonathon Ramirez - 2nd Place
Accounting Applications
Tiffany N Shreve - 1st Place
Food Marketing
Jeffrey Vega - 2nd Place
Principles of Finance
Alex Whiteman - 2nd Place
Marketing Management
Brian Worton - 2nd Place


State Competitive Results:
Received a Bronze chapter of the year award.
Mrs. El-Jourbagy got a New Adviser of the Year Award.
Nick Character, our region officer received a Who's who in FBLA Award.
Nick Character, Desire Griffin and Danielle Garvin revived awards for finishing all four levels of their Business Achievement  Awards.

Tyler Darby 2nd in Cyber Security and had qualified for nationals.

 James Parsons 4th  in Computer Problem Solving and has qualified for nationals.

 And lastly the team of James Parsons, Tyler Darby and Brian Worton have placed fourth in Mobile Application Development and have qualified for nationals.

Dorm Co is sponsoring our FBLA chapter all seniors if you need goods for your dorm room click the following link:


The following students participated in Georgia's FCCLA  State Conference March 20-22, 2016, and scored in their categories on the following levels:

1. Amya Pounds -Silver (Event Planning: Sweet 16 Party) *Placed in Top 10*

2. Dominique Gooden -Silver (Focus on Children Team: Designed a Childcare) *Placed in Top 10*

3. Quesha Curry - Silver (Focus on Children Team: Designed a Childcare) *Placed in Top 10*

4. Carlos Williams - Silver (Job Interview) *Placed in Top 10*

5. Breonna Oliver - Bronze (Chapter Service Display on Safe Teen Driving) *Placed in Top 10*

6. Anttania McGee - Bronze (Chapter Service Display on Safe Teen Driving) *Placed in Top 10*

Also, the following students participated in Culinary Events and did a great job as well:

- Thajuana Mitchell, Riley Smith, and Marlicka Fisher (Culinary Team)
-Joshua Porter (Baking and Pastry)
-Courtney Cammarata (Chicken Fabrication)
-Jeremy Comas (Knife Skills)


HOSA: Congratulations to the following associates who placed or came in the top 5 at State:

Logan Hartzell: 1st place Pharmacology and Georgia HOSA 2016-2017 State Reporter

Gracie Miller: 2nd place Medical Photography

Jessica Books: 3rd place Transcultural Health and Healthcare Issues

Makayla Wright: 3rd place Prepared Speaking

Viviana Barreto: Top five Extemporaneous Health Poster

Fatima Alarcon: Chapter Reflection Book

Nicole Avery: Healthcare Issues

Shalynne Grasty: Healthcare Issues

Sherri Oladapo: Healthcare Issues

SKILLS USA:  Congratulation to the following associates who placed at SkillsUSA State:

Business and Industry Video - 1st Place 
Isabel Monteagudo
Deanna Griffin
Moriah Barnes

Chapter Recruitment Video - 1st Place 
Madison Damiani
Jenelle Fahie
Courtney Cammarata 
Brandyionna Lazenby 
Jarvis Glass

Early Childhood Education- 3rd Place
Jennifer Johnson

SkillsUSA Georgia PowerPoint - 3rd Place
Kori Rivers