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Agricultural Education

Cecily Bullock - Vet Science and Wildlife Services

Marcus Pollard - Ag Mech and Forestry

Arts and Audio Video Technology

Verda Watson - Audio, Video Technology and Film

Steven Cohen - Graphic Design


Stephen Bullock - Dual Enrollment (GPTC)

Construction and Energy Power

Sonny Braswell - Carpentry, Energy, Masonry, Plumbing


Sunja Friend - Dual Enrollment (GPTC)

Criminal Justice

Kelli Owen - Dual Enrollment (GPTC)

Culinary Arts

Charlotte Joy

Scott Quinlan

Early Childhood Care

Jasmen Moore

Engineering and Manufacturing

Ryan Allred - Engineering

Fred Haney - Manufacturing

Healthcare Sciences

Susan Beal - Nursing - Dual Enrollment (GPTC)

Roberta Axson - Biotechnology

Terri McCoy - Non-Invasive Diagnostics and Support Services

Information Technology

Jasmine El-Jourbagy - Digital and Web Design

Bechuana Charles - Computer Network and Repair


Tony Brooks -  Marketing

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