Health Occupations Students of America


Roberta Axson
Terri McCoy

HOSA Top 15

1. Roman Mayo (Health Career Teamwork Event)

2. Kristopher Maddox (Health Career Display Teamwork Event)

3. Tyler Smith (Healthcare Issues Exam Recognition Event)

4. Caylah Smith (Healthcare Issues Exam Recognition Event)

5. Tiara Santos (Healthcare Issues Exam Recognition Event)

6. Christoper Ejike (Human Growth & Development Health Science Related Event)

7. Vongai Mhute (Physical Therapy Health Professional Event)

8. Anh-Thu Nguyen (Prepared Speaking Leadership Event)

9. Sherri Oladapo (Health Education Teamwork)

10. Caylah Smith (Health Education Teamwork)

11. Brianna Glenn (Health Education Teamwork)

Kenleigh Barnes was the recipient of the HOSA HERO Award.

Officers 2017-2018

President - Sherri Oladapo

Vice-President - Anh-Thu Nguyen

Secretary - Kenleigh Barnes

Treasurer - Chris Ejike

Reporter - Avel Triana

Historian - Juleigh Lynn

Events Manager - Corinne Hanson