Technology Student Association


Ryan Allred
Fred Haney

State Competition Winners

Richard Watson, Connor Towns and Miranda Litkea - 2nd place in Architectural Design

Miranda Litkea - 2nd place in Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Architecture

Jack Atkinson and Jeffrey Lowe - 3rd place in Music Production

Abigail Sugg - 3rd place in Photographic Technology

Allison Aguilea and Mitchell Witcher - 4th place in Children's Stories

Remington Warthen, Brooks Benton, Seth Besaw, Quinten Byrne, and Jerry Kimble - 4th place in Georgia Electrathon Rally

Alexander Lowe - 4th place in Extemporaneous Speech

Samuel Dage and Jane Otoole - 5th in Biotechnology Design

Samuel Dage, Alexander Lowe and Jane Otoole - 5th place in Engineering Design

Russell Danilchuck and Huy-Thang (Ken) Nguyen - 6th place in Webmaster

Russell Danilchuk - 7th place in Flight Endurance

Samuel Dage - 12th place in Computer-Aided (CAD) Engineering

Logan Putnam - 12th place in Future Technology Teacher

Officers 2017-2018

President - Miranda Litkea

Vice President - Richard Watson

Sergeant at Arms - Michael Watson

Reporter - Nadia Ahmed

Secretary - Michelle Witcher

Treasurer - Ian Kennedy