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"Stakeholder Input"

We want to hear from you!  Do you have any suggestions for how we can best reach out to, communicate with, and work with you as equal partners?  Do you have any suggestions for our Parent and Family Engagement Policy, School-Parent Compact, and/or Parent and Family Engagement Funds?  If so, pleas provide us with your comments on the Stakeholder's Input form below and leave this in the office or send it in with your child.


Title I Schoolwide Plan

WNE FY18 Title I Schoolwide Plan.docx

Parent and Family Engagement Policy in English and Spanish

17-18 LEA PFE Policy Innovative-English.docx

17-18 LEA PFE Policy Innovative-Spanish.docx

Parental Involvement Input Form in English and Spanish

  • School Parent and Family Engagement Policy

WNE FY18 Parent Involvement Policy.pdf

WNE FY18 Home School Compact.pdf

School-Parent Compact in English and Spanish

  • Rights to Know Letter in English and Spanish
  • Stakeholders' Input Form

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