2024 Partner of Year

Platinum Key Realty of Georgia Named Newton County Schools' 2024 Partner of the Year
Posted on 05/01/2024
Platinum Realty staff with school system staffNewton County Schools and the Newton County Chamber of Commerce proudly announce Platinum Key Realty of Georgia as the Partner of the Year for 2024. This prestigious award recognizes Platinum Key Realty of Georgia's exceptional contributions to fostering a supportive and enriching environment within their partner school, Eastside High School.

Platinum Key Realty of Georgia was nominated for this honor by Eastside High School, highlighting their outstanding dedication and impact on the school community. Mr. Jeff Cher, Principal of Eastside High School, praised Platinum Key Realty of Georgia, saying, "Our partnership with Platinum Key Realty of Georgia has been instrumental in creating a positive and enriching environment for our students and staff. Their support and generosity, particularly through initiatives like the G.O.O.D program, have significantly contributed to the success and well-being of our school community."

Ms. Debbie Harper, President of the Newton County Chamber of Commerce, also commended Platinum Key Realty of Georgia for their involvement in the Partners in Education program, stating, "Partnerships like the one between Platinum Key Realty of Georgia and Eastside High School are crucial to the success of our schools. Their dedication to supporting education and providing valuable resources to students and staff demonstrates the important role that partners play in enhancing the educational experience."

One of the notable ways in which Platinum Key Realty of Georgia has positively impacted student growth is through their implementation of the G.O.O.D (Gritty-Optimistic-Outstanding-Diligent) program at Eastside High School. This initiative identified select students who exhibited positive behaviors and rewarded them with pairs of brand-new Nike Dunk Sneakers at the conclusion of the first semester of the school year, inspiring motivation and a sense of achievement among students.

Furthermore, Platinum Key Realty of Georgia has been instrumental in supporting student learning at Eastside High School by sharing their expertise and experiences, particularly in the field of business education. Through engaging presentations and guidance, they have inspired curiosity, passion, and a sense of possibility among students, bridging the gap between classroom learning and real-world applications.

In addition to their focus on student success, Platinum Key Realty of Georgia has consistently shown appreciation for Eastside High School's faculty and staff through generous contributions during Teacher Appreciation Week, Thanksgiving, and other occasions. Their support has boosted morale and fostered a strong sense of community within the school.

Platinum Key Realty of Georgia's commitment to enhancing the school environment extends beyond academics. They have actively supported various programs and initiatives at Eastside High School that benefit students and staff, making them a valued and deserving recipient of the Partner of the Year award.

"Platinum Realty of Georgia’s partnership with Eastside High School and contributions to the school community exemplify the support that many partners in education provide to our schools,” said Dr. Duke Bradley, III, Superintendent of Newton County Schools. “They are a shining example of how collaboration between businesses and schools can positively impact student success and overall school culture. We thank them for their continued support and congratulate them on being our 2024 Partner of the Year!"

“We are so thankful to have partners in education like Platinum Key Realty of Georgia,” said Ms. Abigail Coggin, Chair of the Newton County Board of Education. “Our school system’s Partners in Education go above and beyond every day to support students and staff across our district, serving as our unsung heroes. Whether from a big or small business, church, or civic organization, these partnerships play a vital role in enriching the educational experience for our students. Their dedication is truly remarkable, working tirelessly to ensure our students and staff have the resources, support, and opportunities they need to thrive. Platinum Key Realty of Georgia exemplifies this spirit of collaboration and commitment, and we are immensely grateful for their partnership and contributions to our school system.”