Technology Plan

District Instructional Technology Purpose
The purpose of the instructional technology is to support and facilitate learning using instructional technologies.

Technology Vision
To ensure that all learners are provided access, opportunity and resources to develop into responsible users, consumers, and producers of technology.

The Newton County School System K-12 technology program will prepare technology literate students to be lifelong learners who make informed decisions about the role of technology in their lives. Students should have the opportunity to develop technology skills that support learning, personal productivity, decision making, and daily life. Areas of importance:

• Promote the effective use of technology to improve student performance
• Provide the greatest possible access to information resources
• Create an environment/climate of continuous use of technology
• Apply technology solutions to school and program mission, goals, and strategies
• Encourage/support new initiatives and innovation as a dynamic, continuous process
• Develop partnerships with community, business and industry
• Integrate technology in all areas of the district operations

Technology Plan
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