2023 SNP Turnip the Beet Award

NCSS School Nutrition Program Wins USDA Turnip the Beet Award Silver Level
Posted on 03/10/2023
School Nutrition Program staff holding banner awardThe United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently recognized the Newton County School System’s School Nutrition Program as a Turnip the Beet Award Silver-level recipient for its commitment to providing quality and nutritious meals during the summer of 2022. It is the second consecutive year the program has received the award. The USDA Turnip the Beet Award recognizes outstanding program sponsors nationwide who work hard to offer meals to children that are appetizing, appealing, and nutritious during the summer. High-quality summer meals provide daily energy to ensure children are healthy and ready to learn when they return to school after their summer break.

Sponsors also facilitate stakeholder input regarding menu development and provide evidence-based nutrition education targeting increased program participation and development of life-long healthy nutrition habits.

Abdul Lindsay, director of school nutrition for the school system, stated, “children need good nutrition all year long to ready them for learning and becoming well-rounded and prepared for the future.” The school nutrition team plans to enhance its 2023 summer feeding program operations by incorporating more farm-fresh, flavorful, and tasty meal choices. Given recent parent and student feedback, Abdul Lindsay stated, “our team must foster continuous quality improvement as it relates to exceeding food and nutrition service expectations of our stakeholders.”

Dr. Michael Barr, the district’s chief operations officer, expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to support the community stating, "We are proud to partner with the USDA and the Georgia Department of Education to provide free, nutritious meals to our children during the summer months. It is an honor to serve our community this way and ensure our students have access to the resources they need to thrive and succeed."

As a proud partner with the USDA and the Georgia Department of Education, the Newton County School System is preparing to serve our communities during the operation of its 2023 Seamless Summer Option Free Meal Program. The program is available for children 18 or younger or 21 and younger with a disability from June 2023 through the fourth of July holiday at various Newton County Schools and community locations. More information on Newton County School System’s 2023 Seamless Summer Option Free Meal Program will be available soon. Please call (770) 788-3120 or visit www.newtonnutrition.org after Spring Break in April 2023 for more details. The USDA provides additional information at https://www.fns.usda.gov/sfsp/seamless-summer-and-other-options-schools.