Coding and Computer Science Clubs

The purpose of C.O.D.E.360 Coding Club is to provide students with the opportunity to participate in an after-school coding clubs that infuse literacy and mathematics with computer science concepts to ensure that all students are well-rounded and prepared for their future. Meetings focus on building coders’ understanding of computer science as it relates to real life experiences. During the meetings, coders will interact with mathematical, reading, science, and writing concepts to build and create code. Coders choose from novice, intermediate, or advanced coding activities based on their personal interests and experiences with coding; so, there is something for everyone in C.O.D.E.360.

C.O.D.E.360 Coding Clubs will be forming for the next school year beginning in August of 2023! Click the link to see more information about C.O.D.E.360 Coding Club and stay up to date on the newest information about sign ups and clubs.

For more information regarding CODE360 Coding Clubs please contact:
Misty Smith
Instructional Application Integration Specialist
[email protected]