FAQs About Teaching in NCSS

How will I know the status of my application?

Applicants who submit a completed online employment application will receive an email confirmation from TalentEd. Applicants can view and edit their online application by logging into their online application. Applicants can also view the status of their references and check to see if the required reference feedback forms have been returned. Please note that it is the applicant's responsibility to follow up with any references who have not yet returned a reference form.

When does NCSS begin hiring?

The Human Resources Department does not conduct interviews, so interviews are conducted at the school level based on current vacancies. Vacancies for the upcoming school year are usually posted in March and interviews begin shortly thereafter. All applicants must have a complete application online (including three references as required) in order to be eligible to sit for an interview. Principals will not consider applicants who have not completed and submitted an online application by the application deadline.

The time frame for our typical hiring season is as follows:

January through February:

  • NCSS determines staffing levels and projects hiring needs.
  • NCSS participates in teacher recruitment job fairs across the state and invites interested teacher candidates to attend.
  • Interested applicants are encouraged to submit applications online at the NCSS Job Center.
  • NCSS conducts transfers to identify existing teachers to fill vacancies for the upcoming school year. 

March through late April:

  • NCSS issues contracts to existing teachers who are returning the following school year.
  • all remaining vacancies for the upcoming school year are posted online at the NCSS Job Center.
  • NCSS Principals conduct interviews to fill teaching vacancies and make hiring requests for the upcoming school year.

May through late July:

  • NCSS HR Department reviews hiring requests and verifies teacher credentials for approval to hire.
  • NCSS HR Department submits hiring recommendations for approval to the Board of Education and issues teaching contracts for new hire candidates.
  • NCSS conducts New Hire Teacher Orientation for new hire employees.

How do I schedule an interview?

Applicants with a completed online employment application may review a listing of available teaching positions and apply online to express interest in a position. Click here to view NCSS EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES Contact information for each hiring manager (Principal) will be provided on the job announcement and interested applicants are free to contact the principal to request an interview. However, if a principal is interested in interviewing a candidate for further consideration, the applicant will be contacted directly to arrange an interview.