Paraprofessional Certification Information

All Georgia paraprofessionals must hold a valid Paraprofessional Educator certificate issued by the GAPSC.

Applicants for paraprofessional positions must hold at least a high school diploma or GED equivalent and satisfy all other federal hiring requirements prior to being considered for employment in Newton County Schools.

Paraprofessionals being hired shall meet one of the following requirements:

Completion of at least two years (60 semester/90 quarter hours) of study at an institution of higher education (regionally-accredited);

--- OR ---

Obtained an associate's or higher degree;

--- OR ---

Have passed the Georgia Paraprofessional Assessment (no longer available) or Praxis Paraprofessional Assessment (prior to 9/1/2006) or the GACE Paraprofessional Assessment.

You must provide Human Resources your official college transcripts to document that you meet the semester or quarter hours requirement. Official transcripts must come directly from the college to the Human Resources Department. If you do not have the requisite hours, you will have to provide documentation that you have passed the state assessment. Information on registration and test location can be obtained at the GACE link on the GAPSC website at or

Paraprofessional Salary Schedule & Requirements