Partners in Education

Education is crucial to the future of Newton County and the entire community needs to be involved in it. Therefore, the Newton County School System is determined to reconnect the community with its neighborhood schools to put the public back in public education. Partnerships between the Newton County schools and the community are not only desirable, but also essential to the future of Newton County. When developing a school and community partnership program, the Newton County School System and the Newton County Chamber of Commerce based their "Cornerstones" concept on Webster's definition of a cornerstone being "the most basic element."

"Cornerstones" has a place for everyone. Our goal is to have every business become a partner with a school, every parent to get involved and every citizen to be a volunteer.

There is no one-size-fits-all partnership program because school needs are based on student needs. Each relationship is designed by the school in partnership with the business, civic organization, public agency or individual volunteer.

Partners In Education

Partnerships provide an excellent opportunity for schools and its larger community to benefit from the population's commitment to high-quality public education. Community involvement is one of the resourceful ways that schools strengthen and enrich their educational programs in the Newton County School System. This emphasis on collaboration is based on the belief that the entire community has a stake in the improvement of public education and that there are many opportunities for everyone to interact with schools to benefit students and academic achievement, and the economic future and quality of life in Newton County.

School partnerships include collaborations with businesses, social-service and governmental agencies, colleges and universities, civic groups, churches, and/or other interested community members. Through partnerships, students receive valuable assistance in human and financial resources to enhance their academic achievement and personal growth.

Additionally, partnerships raise public awareness of educational issues, create a better understanding of the educational process, and help prepare students to be productive citizens. Partnerships provide a variety of services at individual schools and throughout the district. Within individual schools, partnership services may include the following:

  • Tutoring/mentoring for students needing academic assistance, career counseling, job-seeking skills, role models, literacy programs, and parenting skills
  • Incentives for students and faculty, academic and attendance recognition, self-esteem, and conduct rewards
  • Speakers, role models, career resources, and community resources
  • Donations, in-kind services and funding for programs, instructional materials, school improvements, and special events
  • Enrichment contest judging, staff development, special events, internships, and field trips
  • Expertise on school improvement, issues training and workshops on strategic planning, flexible budgeting, team building, and technology

School partnerships may be formed by a business, governmental agency or community organization's "adopting" an individual school or by providing resources or skills in a particular area of expertise. Longevity and flexibility is important to the success of any type of partnership with schools. Activities which provide Newton County students the opportunity to interact with and learn from individuals who share their knowledge, motivation, and skills are the most crucial and appreciated. Currently, there are over 160 Partnerships with our schools.

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NCSS Partners of the Year

2002-Beaver Manufacturing
2003-Ginn Motor Company
2004-American Legion Post 32
2006-First Nation Bank
2007-SteviB's Pizza
2008-El Charro's Mexican Restaurant
2009-Newton Medical Center
2010-Essex Bank
2011-Oxford College at Emory
2012-Frank's Restaurant
2013-SKC, Inc.
2014-Newton County Farm Bureau
2015-Beaver Manufacturing
2016-Newton Federal Bank
2017-Snapping Shoals EMC
2018-New Life Praise Center
2019-Eastridge Community Church-Jackson Lake Campus
2020-No Partner Named Due to Covid-19 Pandemic
2021-Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Phi Omicron Chapter
2022 - Arbor Equity, Inc.
2023-Bria Janelle Foundation