Instructional Technology & Media Services

Mission: The mission of Newton County Schools is Educational Excellence for all Students. The department of Instructional Technology & Media Services supports this mission by providing exposure, engagement, and experiences to all students to be well rounded and prepared for the future.

Vision: The vision of the department of Instructional Technology & Media Services is to support the integration of technology into the curriculum to enhance the learning experience for students, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of teaching, and to provide students with access to a wide range of resources and materials to ensure that all students are well rounded and prepared for the future.

The NCSS Instructional Technology & Media Services Department (IT&MS) provides support, guidance, and leadership to schools in the implementation of teaching and learning with online tools. Research shows that technology can change teaching and learning by providing unprecedented opportunities for student engagement, collaboration, innovation, and creativity. The key to unlocking the effective use of technology is knowing what technology is available and how to use it to complement teacher-led instruction. It is our utmost commitment to offer an array of meticulously crafted professional development opportunities to empower every educator, administrator, and school staff member. These opportunities are designed to facilitate the seamless integration of technology into their instructional practices, thereby fostering an enriched learning environment. Furthermore, our department remains dedicated to extending unwavering support and comprehensive assistance to students and teachers, ensuring their adept utilization of technology within the classroom, amplifying their educational endeavors.

Additionally, the department stays current with the latest trends and advancements in instructional technology to ensure that schools are using the most effective and up-to-date technology and literacy resources available.

Dr. Jennifer Williams
Director of Instructional Technology & Media Services