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Human Resources Contact Information
[email protected]
Nyree Sanders Director of Human Resources 678-625-3997
Beverly Addison Human Resources Certification Manager 770-784-4901
Audrey Baptiste Human Resources Recruitment and Retention Coordinator 678-625-6849
Angela Brown Human Resources Employment Coordinator 678-625-6848
Felicia Calhoun Employment Specialist - Secondary Schools, Facilities (MS/HS) and School Nutrition 678-342-5916
Gail Holloway Employment Specialist - Elementary Schools, Itinerant/System Assigned Staff, Facilities (ES/System), Transportation, and Central Office Staff 678-342-5917
Cauleter Crowder Human Resources Fingerprinting and Substitute Specialist 770-784-4905
Connie Middlebrooks Administrative Assistant   678-342-5976