Special Education Scholarship Opportunities

Inclusive Postsecondary Education Grant (IPSE)

• For students with documented intellectual disability
• Funding based on legislative allotment to IPSE
• Must attend a public institution’s IPSE program
• Money sent to the institution, not the student
• Pays for standard university tuition” and could possibly cover program fees, depending on funds available.
Outreach of Officers for Families
• Contact Information for Educators: [email protected] or 770-724-9251

Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency Bud McCall Scholarship

• For students with a disability (504 and IEP)
• Must be a GVRA client
• Up to $17,725 in postsecondary education funding for tuition, room and Board, and books.

John T. Wheeler Memorial Scholarship
• For students with moderate to profound hearing loss in both ears
• $5000 scholarship
• Deadline, March 1, 2024

Alfred and Cora Camp Memorial Scholarship
• For students with who are legally blind (20/200 or worse) or a child of a blind adult
• $1000 scholarship
• Must be currently enrolled in a postsecondary education program
• Deadline: March 15, 2024