Media Services

Newton County Library Media Services consists of the library media specialist at each school, the Director of Instructional Technology and Media Services, and an Instructional Technology and Media Services Specialist for the Newton County School System. Library Media Services is a unified group of diverse individuals who meet regularly for continuing education and program development.

We believe the library media center is the information hub of each Newton County school. It exists to support the curriculum and to serve all students, teachers, and staff. Accessibility to students and staff along with collaborative planning between media staff, teachers, and administrators are critical components to the optimal use of media resources for student achievement. The collection should reflect each school’s needs and is diverse and varied in content and format. We believe a love for reading and an appreciation of books are vital ingredients in an outstanding program. The media program emphasizes the need for students to use current technologies to access, evaluate, and effectively use information.

For more information on Media Services, please contact Mrs. Lori McGovern, Instructional Technology Specialist at [email protected]