Newton County elementary schools offer a child-centered curriculum that is well-rounded and developmentally appropriate in all academic areas for students in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. Students receive instruction in language arts (which includes reading, spelling, writing, grammar, listening, and speaking), mathematics, science/health, social studies, music, art, physical education, and handwriting. Technology is used to support the curriculum and enhance student learning.

The elementary curriculum is designed to help students reach their intellectual, social, and physical potential. Curriculum objectives are based on state and local requirements, thus ensuring that all students receive comprehensive instruction in all areas of study. If students need additional support within the school setting to reach their potential, two programs are available: Title I and the Early Intervention Program (EIP). These programs incorporate a wide range of instructional strategies that are presented to students in small learning groups.

Educational services are offered through the Quest program to academically gifted students in kindergarten through fifth grade who meet state eligibility requirements. At the elementary level the program is one of enrichment, utilizing specially trained teachers. Elementary teachers focus on assessing each student's level of individual achievement in reading, math, and writing. This assessment information is used in developing plans for student improvement in these basic areas. Students are involved in a wide assortment of supplemental activities, including the CHAMPS program of drug awareness and decision-making, Junior Beta and 4-H Clubs.

Pre-kindergarten is an adventure of carefully planned experiences designed so every student will encounter feelings of success. The program allows children to build upon their natural talents and abilities to become confident and comfortable in their role as productive learners. The curriculum follows the guidelines of Bright from the Start: Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning. Every pre-kindergarten class has a full-time paraprofessional who assists the teacher.

The kindergarten curriculum provides a balanced program that addresses the social, emotional, physical, and academic development of each child. Through processes of exploration, discovery, and invention, our kindergarten children develop the concepts, skills, and attitudes necessary for continued success in school. Kindergarten teachers are also assisted by full-time parapros.

The elementary grades emphasize literacy and mathematics skills development. A two to three hour time block each day is dedicated to the acquisition of language arts skills, listening, speaking, writing and reading. Student progress in reading is assessed using screening, progress monitoring, and outcome assessments. A balanced language arts program seeks to combine phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension with a literature print-rich learning environment. Textbooks and materials for language arts instruction are many and varied to meet the wide range of student abilities.

Effective communication with parents is a priority for elementary schools. A variety of methods are used, including PTO programs and meetings, early release days for parent conferences twice yearly, progress reports, school newsletters, and volunteer programs. Progress reports are sent home every nine weeks to notify parents of their child's current academic and social development. Teachers schedule two conferences during the school year to discuss each student's progress with his/her parents. Other conferences are scheduled as necessary.

Helpful Information:

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