2023 All-State Chorus

Eastside Student Selected for All-State Chorus
Posted on 03/16/2023
Gracie Bates selected for All-State ChorusNewton County School System is pleased to announce that Eastside High School senior, Gracie Bates, was selected to perform in the prestigious 2023 All State Chorus.

“Students selected to perform in the All-State Chorus must successfully compete in two rounds of auditions,” explained Joel Singleton, choral director for Eastside High School. “During the audition process, students are required to perform a solo, sight read, and sing from memory, their major, minor, and chromatic scales. If students pass the first audition, they must learn a pre-selected list of songs and sing selected passages for the judges in the second audition.”

Gracie noted she was excited to learn she had once again been selected for the prestigious honor. In fact, since her middle school years, Gracie has been selected for All-State Chorus four times.

"Gracie is a very talented musician,” said Singleton. “She's a great singer and piano player. One of her strengths is she is naturally talented and has continued to grow that talent in her learning, studying, and performing of music."

Gracie began singing back in her elementary school days with the Oxford Singing Children and also performed in various musicals.

She explained what she loves about singing in a chorus.

“I just like the power of everybody’s voices together and the messages we can get across and how it brings everybody together,” she said.

Although her college plans are not finalized yet, Gracie does plan to continue her musical education after high school. Her goal is to pursue a career in music.

“Gracie is a very talented young lady, and we are very proud of her accomplishment,” said Singleton. “It’s been a pleasure watching her grow as a musician over the course of the past four years. She has truly represented our school and our district very well in the All-State Chorus.”