2023 Financial Audit Results

Newton County Schools Receives Outstanding Audit Results with Zero Findings
Posted on 04/22/2024
Financial Audit Zero FindingsNewton County Schools (NCS) proudly announces the results of its annual financial audit, conducted by Mauldin & Jenkins, LLC, which yielded exceptionally positive outcomes with zero findings. This remarkable achievement is particularly noteworthy for NCS, one of the top 25 largest school systems in the State of Georgia, highlighting the district's dedication to financial transparency, accountability, and exemplary financial management.

Ms. Erica Robinson, Chief Financial Officer of Newton County Schools, provided insights into the significance of achieving zero findings on the audit, stating, "Having 'zero findings' on an audit means that no significant issues, deficiencies, discrepancies, or violations of financial regulations or internal controls were identified during the audit process. It essentially indicates that the financial records and operations of Newton County Schools were found to be in full compliance with applicable standards, regulations, and best practices."

Regarding the impact of achieving zero findings, Ms. Robinson elaborated, "Achieving zero findings in an audit is considered a highly favorable outcome. It reflects positively on the organization's financial management practices, transparency, and accountability. It demonstrates that the organization has effective internal controls in place to safeguard assets, ensure accuracy in financial reporting, and mitigate risks related to fraud or mismanagement."

According to Robinson, during the financial audit, which can take several months to complete, auditors focus on accuracy and completeness, compliance with accounting standards, internal controls, fraud detection, material misstatements, and disclosure requirements.

Ms. Robinson explained, "The audit process is comprehensive and involves detailed planning, assessment, fieldwork, communication, and reporting. It is a collaborative effort between our finance team and auditors to ensure accuracy and compliance in financial reporting."

"We are extremely proud of Newton County Schools' exceptional performance in the annual financial audit, resulting in zero findings,” said Dr. Duke Bradley, III, Superintendent of Newton County Schools. “This achievement underscores our district's commitment to fiscal responsibility, transparency, and effective financial management. It reflects the hard work and dedication of our finance team and highlights our ongoing efforts to maintain the highest standards of accountability and integrity in serving our students, staff, and community."

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