2023 HS Science Fair

NCSS Announces Winners of District High School Science Fair
Posted on 01/18/2024
three science fair winners with their project Newton County School System is pleased to announce the high school winners of the 2023 District Science Fair. All first-place winners will represent Newton County Schools at the Regional Science Fair on February 1, 2024.

"I am thrilled to celebrate the outstanding research projects submitted for this year's District High School Science Fair,” said Dr. Vicki Meeler, NCSS Secondary Curriculum and Instruction Specialist for Science. “Witnessing the breadth of topics covered fills me with pride. Our students have undertaken high-level research with an intellectual maturity that rivals collegiate work.”

Winners of the High School District Science Fair include the following:
2023 District High School Science Fair Winners
 Justin Johnson & Tre'von Davis   NCCA   Feather Falling: The Fall Detecting Shoe   1st
Sabreea Solomon, Rachael Mattox, & Jezie Garmon   NCCA   Microfibers in Fashion   1st
Taje' George & Savannah Jones   NCCA   Environmental Gentrifications Impact on Methane Levels in Georgia   1st
Alexaray Gale, Jhavel Allen, & Shania Stewart   NCCA   Industrial Development/Balance of Freshwater Micro-organisms   1st
Kya Hinkson, Magina Cobbs, & Kyndall Lambert   NCCA   Development Patterns of Drosophilia melanogaster Under Varied Light   1st
Sara Anderson, Paris Wheeler, & Kennedy White   Alcovy   Hand Sanitizer vs. Hand Soap   1st
Kayla White, Amelia Sigrah, & Ayesha Nida   Alcovy   Organic Plastic: The Wat to Go   1st
Cameron Gustave, Blake Thomas, & Lenaya Turnbull   NCCA   The Effect of Environment on Stress Levels   1st
Kiley Greene   Alcovy   Bread Mold   1st
Andrea Schoedel & Gloria Canup   NCCA   Growth Rate of Brassica rapa in Soil and Hydroponics with Molasses   1st
Noah Carter, James Cooper II, & Hayden Hill   NCCA   Music's Muse: A Study of Soundscapes and VR   1st
Katelynn Howell, Murphy Brothers, & Graham Allen   Alcovy   The Effect of Perfumes/Aerosols on Indoor Plants    1st
Kayla Parsons, Joshua Miller, & Hailey Quinn   NCCA   The Effect of Salinity Change on the Reproduction of Oil-Eating Bacteria   1st
Alivia Jones & Alyson Hodge   Newton   The Lifting Power of Wind Turbines   1st
Javan Mack, Aniyah Booker, & Micah Warfield   Newton   What Factors Allow Luminol to Light Up?   2nd
Ella Whitehead, Madison Forsythe, & Megan Ellington   NCCA   The Plastic Planet: An Introduction to a Bio-Alternative   2nd
Lynda Coots, Tania Menchaca, & Miguel Ramos   NCCA   The Effects of Video Games on Stress Levels   2nd
Bobby Stephens II, Sara Canup, & Heaven Devoe   NCCA   Smart Glasses   2nd
Cameron Potter & Emma Grace Lumpkin   NCCA   Exploring Air Engine Efficiency   2nd
Kenney Durham, Kushal Dwaram, & Tyler Hope   NCCA   A Workout that Works   2nd

"Congratulations to our High School students for their outstanding research projects showcased at the District Science Fair,” said Shakila Henderson-Baker, chair of the Newton County Board of Education. “The depth of knowledge, creativity, and dedication displayed by these young scientists is a testament to the quality of education and support they receive in our district.”