2023 MS Science Fair

NCSS Announces Middle School District Science Fair Winners
Posted on 01/11/2024
science fair student with projectNewton County Schools is pleased to announce the middle school winners of the 2023 District Science Fair. All first-place winners will compete in the Regional Science Fair on January 31, 2024.

"I am truly impressed by the exceptional level of difficulty demonstrated in the research projects submitted by our Middle School winners in the District Science Fair,” said Dr. Vicki Meeler, NCSS Secondary Curriculum and Instruction Specialist for Science. “The dedication and commitment displayed by these young minds are nothing short of remarkable. Learning how to conduct research at such a young age not only speaks volumes about their academic prowess but also underscores the importance of fostering a passion for inquiry-based learning.”

She added, “These students have invested a significant amount of time and effort into their projects, showcasing not only their intellectual curiosity but also their resilience and determination. The depth and complexity of their research are indicative of the bright future that lies ahead for these budding scientists. Congratulations to our Middle School winners, and may their success inspire others to embark on their own scientific journeys."

2023 Middle School Science Fair Winners
 Autumn Vandeweghe   Indian Creek MS   The Investigation of Liquid Chlorophyll's Effects on Plants   1st
Tristen Brown   Clements MS   Look Out! It's Flying Teabags!   1st
Matthew Camba   Newton County STEAM Academy   Corrosion Showdown   1st
Kyra Stewart & Sophia Mabie   Newton County STEAM Academy   What is the Most Ideal Technique of Fingerprint Collection?    1st
Sabrina Stokes   Newton County STEAM Academy   What Drink Breaks Down Your Teeth the Fastest   1st
Christopher Standen   Indian Creek MS   Can You Get Sick from Money?   1st
Peyton Edwards   Newton County STEAM Academy   What do Birds and Squirrels Prefer to East?   1st
Journey Johnson   Newton County STEAM Academy   Egg-ceptional Stains   1st
Rylan Yeager   Indian Creek MS   Classical Conditioning with a Snake   1st
Will Roberts   Indian Creek MS   Which Brand of Guitar Pick Makes the Loudest Sound?   1st
Emma Caraway   Indian Creek MS   The Effect of Different Amounts of Water on Strawberry Growth   1st
Audrey McGovern   Newton County STEAM Academy   Does Your Dirt Hold Water? Water Retention Rates of Store-Bought Soils   1st
Terria Reid, Jayden Exantus, and Taylor Dix   Clements MS   How the Apple Turned Brown   1st
Destiny Floyd, Amaya Davis, and Joellianna Saintil   Clements MS   The Equus Log   1st
Kennedy Cleaves   Newton County STEAM Academy   Can the Location of a Volcano Affect How Much Magma Erupts?   1st
Carly Rodriguez   Newton County STEAM Academy   Bacteria Growth in School   1st
Harper Eller   Newton County STEAM Academy   Elephant Toothpaste   1st
Benjamin Parson & Oliver Reid   Newton County STEAM Academy   Evaluating the Effects of Multiple Types of Substrates on the Plastic Consumption of Tenebrio molitor   1st
Gabrielle Mattis &Janaya Rozier   Clements MS   Music Affects Mood!   1st
Samuel Lane & Trevor Flege   Indian Creek MS   The Effects of Pitch on Distance   1st
Harmonie Samuels   Clements MS   Mascara Effect   1st
Anthony Hortman, Willington Tomas, and Jesse Mace IV   Veterans Memorial MS   How Does Jupiter's Size Affect Earth?   1st
Vincent Garibay & Bentlee Millermon   Indian Creek MS   Analyzing Locations for Wind Speed at ICMS   2nd
Mya Battle, Jayla Jernigan, & Karsyn Randle   Veterans Memorial MS   Growing Gummy Bears   2nd
Ariel King, Amera Cobb, & Joelliane LaTour   Veterans Memorial MS   Can I Clean My Own Water?   2nd
Chandler Manley   Indian Creek MS   Color Tools Effect on Opinion   2nd
Rebekah McDonald   Cousins MS   Drug Solubility   2nd
Isis Jones, Raven Fernandez, and Kyra Norris   Indian Creek MS   Discovering the Impact of Music on Cats   2nd
Basil Steele   Clements MS   What Water Filters Best Through a Homemade System?   2nd
Ian Harris & Chase Spann   Veterans Memorial MS   Is it a Full Moon at VMMS?   3rd
Jax Matias   Indian Creek MS   Investigating the Conductivity of Kale   3rd
Marisol Lopez Avila   Clements MS   Paint Your Feelings   3rd
Caylee Newton, Noelani Cummings, and Aaliyah Devoe   Veterans Memorial MS   Curl Magic   3rd
Liam Perroncino   Cousins MS   Dissolving Pennies

" I am very proud of the achievements of our Middle School winners in the District Science Fair,” said Shakila Henderson-Baker, chair of the Newton County Board of Education. “Their accomplishments not only reflect the excellence of our students but also highlight the dedication of our educators in nurturing a love for science. It is inspiring to witness the inquisitive spirit and innovative thinking demonstrated by these young scientists.”