2024 Media Specialist of the Year

Ms. Patrice Peek Named Newton County Schools' 2024 Media Specialist of the Year
Posted on 03/13/2024
Patrice PeekNewton County Schools proudly announces Ms. Patrice Peek, Media Specialist at Cousins Middle School, as the district's 2024 Media Specialist of the Year. This acknowledgment underscores Ms. Peek's exceptional commitment to fostering a culture of reading, technology integration, and academic success in her school.

Ms. Peek's educational journey began as a classroom teacher at Veterans Memorial Middle School in 2004, teaching middle grades math and ELA for a decade. Fueled by her profound love for reading and technology, she transitioned into the role of a media specialist. "My love of reading combined with my interest in technology prompted me to pursue a certification in library media to become a media specialist," Ms. Peek shared.

In her capacity as a media specialist, Ms. Peek's dedication to connecting with students on various levels stands out. "It is honestly the best job because I'm able to connect with my students on many different levels," she expressed. Her commitment to supporting student literacy and success is evident through various programs such as reading challenges, book clubs, and promoting book fairs. Ms. Peek also plays a vital role in encouraging students to collaborate, communicate, think critically, and showcase their creativity.

Describing the media center as the informational hub of any school, Ms. Peek highlighted its role in fostering collaboration and success with reading and achievement. "The media center provides a safe environment where students and teachers can share in their love of reading, appreciation of books, fascination with technology, discovery with STEM, and effectively gather information," she explained.

Upon learning of her selection as Newton County Schools' Media Specialist of the Year, Ms. Peek expressed overwhelming appreciation and gratitude. "My students, colleagues, fellow media specialists, administration, family, and friends are my motivation to keep working hard so that I'm able to represent Cousins Middle School and Newton County," she stated.

Newton County School Superintendent, Dr. Duke Bradley, who surprised Ms. Peek in the school media center, commended her, saying, "Today we celebrate you among all of the media specialists throughout the district who are all great in their own right; you stood above them all. Congratulations to you on being selected as our 2024 Media Specialist of the Year."

Dr. Jennifer Williams, Newton County Schools Director of Instructional Technology and Media Services, elaborated on Ms. Peek's exemplary leadership and support for the district's programs. "Not only does she lead the book bowl each year, but she also mentors fledgling media specialists and takes them under her wing. They have nothing but praise for her," Dr. Williams acknowledged. "Ms. Peek helps the district source the books, always supports our program and volunteers no matter the request. She is an amazing asset to Cousins Middle School and our School System."

Abigail Coggin, Newton County Board of Education Chair, emphasized the vital role of a media specialist in a school and extended gratitude to Ms. Peek for spreading the joy of reading to students. "We are thankful to have Ms. Peek as part of the Newton County Schools community, and we wish her well in the Regional Competition," Coggin commented.

Cousins Middle School Principal, Atosha Logan, added, "Ms. Peek's dedication to our students and commitment to fostering a love of learning make her an invaluable member of our school community. We are proud to see her recognized as the 2024 Media Specialist of the Year."

Ms. Patrice Peek will now represent Newton County Schools in the Regional Media Specialist of the Year competition, further highlighting the excellence and dedication she brings to her role at Cousins Middle School.