Cameron Retirement

Newton County Schools Announces Retirement of Heard-Mixon Elementary School Principal, Dr. Angelia Cameron
Posted on 04/11/2024
Dr. Angelia CameronNewton County Schools celebrates the distinguished career of Dr. Angelia Cameron, Principal of Heard-Mixon Elementary School, as she announces her retirement after 11 years of dedicated service at the school and 28 years with Newton County Schools.

Dr. Cameron's journey in education has been marked by passion and commitment, starting as a 6th-grade teacher at Eastside Transitional School in 1995. Over the years, she has held various roles, including special education positions at West Newton Elementary and Eastside High School, culminating in her tenure as the Special Education Department Head at Eastside High School before assuming the role of Assistant Principal at Heard-Mixon Elementary in 2012.

Reflecting on her time as principal, Dr. Cameron shared what she loved most about her time at Heard-Mixon.

"Absolutely the people. From the teachers, parents, paraprofessionals, office staff, cafeteria, and custodians – all are here for the students,” she said. “Their love and dedication are present in everything they do, and all are welcome at Heard-Mixon."

When asked about what she will miss most upon retirement, Dr. Cameron stated, "The students’ hugs, smiles, and stories they tell me at lunch. I will miss the staff greatly because we are truly a family that laughs, talks, disagrees, and cries together."

Dr. Cameron left a heartfelt message for whomever may be the next principal of Heard-Mixon Elementary School.

"This school has many teachers who are experts in their field – involve them. The students here are so sweet; they love to laugh and be silly – let them. The parents are dedicated to their children and will do all they can to support the school – ask them. The front office staff are the backbone of the school and will work hard to support you – listen to them."

In retirement, Dr. Cameron plans to pursue her passions, including quilting, gardening, traveling, and spending quality time with her grandkids.

“Dr. Angelia Cameron has been a beacon of leadership and dedication at Heard-Mixon Elementary School,” said Dr. Duke Bradley, III, superintendent of Newton County Schools. “We thank her for her exemplary service to our students, staff, and community, and we congratulate her on a well-deserved retirement.”