NCSS BOE Policy Review for Input

BOE Requests Public Input on Proposed Policy Changes
Posted on 09/27/2022
Policy ReviewThe Newton County Board of Education is reviewing recommended policy changes, including the proposed adoption of Policy GARJ: Employee Retirement. In addition, two policies, GBQ--Professional Personnel Retirement and GCQ-Classified Personnel Retirement are proposed to be rescinded. 

Background: There is a need to clarify policies related to payment for sick leave at the time of retirement. Policy GBQ and GCQ state that employees may be paid for accrued sick leave using the substitute teacher base-pay rate. Due to a recent change to this pay rate, made to recruit and retain substitute teachers, it is necessary to adopt a new policy that establishes the pay rate at the time of retirement to the former base-pay rate of $65.00 per day.

Proposed New Policy GARJ-Employee Retirement
Policy GBQ: Professional Personnel Retirement (Recommended to be rescinded)
Policy GCQ-Classified Personnel Retirement (Recommended to be rescinded)

Please email [email protected] with any feedback on the recommended policy changes.