CPD at South Salem

Covington Police Officers Celebrate End of School Year With South Salem Kindergarten Students
Posted on 06/04/2019
Covington Police Officers with Kindergarten Students and TeachersStudents in Ms. Kelley Green’s kindergarten class at South Salem ended the school year with a special treat as officers from the Covington Police Department stopped by to celebrate with pizza, cookies, and juice. The officers—Sgt. Victor Partee, Officer Quinn Pitts, and Officer Justin Stott—adopted the class in the Fall and wanted to spend some time with the students before they left for their summer break. After enjoying their lunch, the officers even held a dance competition with the students.

“The CPD officers became involved with my kindergarteners at Thanksgiving,” explained Green. “I had some students who didn’t have parents available to attend our Thanksgiving lunch so I asked if some officers would be available to come and they did. The students were so excited.”

According to Partee, in addition to dining with the students, the officers took it one step further by selecting several of the students to participate in the Covington Police Department’s Holiday “Shop With a Cop” program.

“They were fantastic with the kids,” said Green. “They even came out to South Salem with the Christmas Trolley and passed out candy canes to all of the students at the school.”

She added, “These officers donated their time to invest in my students and that has meant the world to not only my students, but to me as well. I’m looking forward to working with them again next year. It has been an incredible experience for my students.”

“This is just another example of Covington Police Officers doing what they do best, caring for their community,” said Stacey Cotton, Covington Chief of Police. “All too often we hear of officers making arrests or intervening in a situation where crime or violence may be occurring but what is often not known are all of the small acts of kindness that officers do on a daily basis. We try to instill in our officers that taking a moment with a child may build a long lasting relationship with that child and their family. Sgt. Partee, Officer Pitts, and Officer Stott are examples of how the Covington Police Department reaches out to the community when an opportunity arises.”